Guide to Gaming Chairs: How to choose the best gaming chairs?

Regardless of the platform, gamers often spend hours on end playing. When we talk about playing games on PC, this habit can cause serious problems in the spine, so it is necessary to equip yourself with quality items, such as gaming chairs, to minimize or even eliminate problems.

In addition to being useful, gaming chairs can also serve as decoration. Many of them have attractive and eye-catching designs, with options for all tastes.
Do you know if it’s worth it and how to choose the best gaming chairs? Read on and find out!

Is it worth buying a gaming chair?

Few people know the difference a good gaming chair can make. In addition to the comfort for the player, an ideal seat will leave the spine in a healthy and safe position, preventing serious health problems, such as a herniated disc, for example.

Unlike office chairs or even those, you have in the dining room, a gaming chair is designed with your computer in mind. Its height, upholstery, positions, and designs are designed to meet this need.

The trick with the best gaming chairs is that they effortlessly maintain your correct posture. In addition, they have high durability and extensive warranty, whether in front of the computer for a hobby, work, or studies.

How to choose the best gaming chairs

There are many points that you should check before choosing your gaming chair. However, before we talk about each of them, it is important to know that the expression “cheap can be expensive” applies perfectly to this situation.

The first thing to look at is comfort. After all, it doesn’t matter how effective the chair is – if it doesn’t feel comfortable, it won’t be easy to adapt to its use. Therefore, always look for online reviews of the models that catch your attention. If most people found the gaming chair comfortable, chances are you will too.

Also, check out the customizable mobile options. For example, it is important to know its maximum height, as well as the degree of inclination. Tall people will need chairs that adapt well to their height.

Another tip is to check if the model that caught your attention is compatible with other accessories. Some of the best gaming chairs have space to use the mouse on the arm, for example or a slot for a piece that allows you to use the keyboard on it.

Backrest ergonomics

All chair backs may look the same, but they have different shapes and densities, which can be more or less pleasant for each body type. Therefore, the first tip before buying a chair is to test its back.

If you can do this in person at a store or at fairs (like BGS), you’ll have an easier time finding a perfect model. But you can also chat with other people who have the model in forums and clear your doubts.

Tilt Lock Mechanism

The so-called Tilt-Lock is a mechanism present in several models with backrest adjustment and serves to lock the player’s favorite tilt, which is a very convenient feature. This helps you get maximum comfort in a position that you prefer and that can be easily modified if necessary.

It is important to pay attention to the weights and heights indicated for each model

Because of its type of construction, each chair is capable of supporting a different maximum weight and its backrest and design also make some models suitable for people with a specific maximum height.

Pay special attention to the weight suggested in the instructions, which usually varies between 100kg, 150kg or 200kg, as respecting this limit will make your chair last much longer.

Pay extra attention to lumbar supports

Lumbar support is one of the essential points of any chair, especially the gamer. It can come in the ergonomic shape of the backrest, as we mentioned above, or in the form of an extra support, such as a pillow. Some models even offer an adjustable version of this stand.

Neck support is an advantageous extra

The neck support is not always present, but if you have the possibility to invest in a model that features one, you will not regret it. Most of these brackets can also be adjusted.

Adjustable armrest

The more adjustments, the better. Some more complete models also offer two adjustment options for the position of the armrests: one vertically, to adjust the height of the support; and another horizontally, which regulates the angle of support next to the player’s body.

This type of feature is very important because it leaves the arms and wrists in the correct position, in addition to being more comfortable and avoiding articulation problems when using the computer. 

Check the materials used in making the chair

We’re not just talking about the textile or fabric, but the materials used for the base and other parts of the object. Leather chairs are known for their durability, while fabric chairs tend to have greater comfort and good ventilation.

Analyze your budget

Of course, there’s no point in finding the perfect chair if it’s out of your budget.