Gaming Chair or Office Chair: Which One is Best for Home office?

Anyone who likes games knows what it’s like to spend hours and hours in front of a computer or video game without even seeing the time go by, right?!

But so many hours, sitting, and playing games might not be so comfortable. And it is precisely thinking about the lovers of games that there are gamers chairs!

You must be wondering, what’s so great about a gaming chair that you don’t have in an office chair? What are the advantages of having a gaming chair? And why should you have one?

Well, if you want to buy a gaming chair or want to understand a little more about Gaming chairs or Office chairs, this article is for you.

Below we have prepared a summary of gaming chairs, their advantages and disadvantages, and why you should buy one. And most importantly which type of chair is better for the home office.

Gaming chair or office chair?

A good chair needs to support your lower back and adapt to your body. The object must follow the height adjustment so that its knees are positioned at 90°. 

Having an armrest at 90° from the table without putting strain on your shoulders can make a difference too. 

Another important factor is that the chair is able to be in a position where your eyes are at the height of the monitor to avoid neck strain.

But which is the best? The office options have extra features such as adjustment, recline and sleep mode. 

The gamer models, despite the very characteristic look, have details focused on ergonomics and special pillows for the lumbar region and even for the neck. 

Both options are extremely valid for those looking for a seat for the home office. The most important thing is to pay attention to the models and what they offer for your needs and comfort. 

Gaming chairs may be better than traditional office chairs, but that doesn’t mean they’re better than all the others. Mainly because even the office chairs follow different lines and have different models, one of the most coveted being the office chairs.

These models also feature good ergonomics, a higher backrest, and good adjustability. So what really differentiates an office chair from a gamer? The most common answer is foam density.

In general, office chair models are not made for those who use the chair in front of the computer for many hours in a row. Therefore, its foam is usually softer, giving that feeling of being hugged by the chair when sitting.

More than putting one model against the other, our suggestion remains the same: regardless of the type of chair, if you use the computer for many hours (mainly in a row), look for a model with a higher density and high backrest, which takes all your back and, preferably, also have support for your head.

What is a gaming chair for?

Games have become so popular that many people have come to treat them as a profession. There are professional players who compete nationally and even globally with each other.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine, but a gaming chair serves to promote comfort and ergonomics so that you can stay for hours playing without compromising performance.

But then, what is the difference between a gaming chair?

How is a gaming chair different?

Before you go out there and buy your chair, you need to understand what makes a gaming chair different from conventional chairs. Here are a few points, check them out:

  • Differentiated design: they have a bolder and car-inspired look. Its models are available in various colors.
  • They are highly adjustable: they have a greater variety of adjustments, such as the headrest, chair height, arms, and inclination.
  • Comfort: they have cushions that provide greater comfort for the backrest of the spine and head.
  • Ergonomic: its ergonomics allow for long sessions without compromising the health of your spine.

Why buy a gaming chair and not an office chair?

Unlike an office chair, the gaming chair is designed to make the user maintain the correct posture at all times, without straining.

In addition, because they have a differentiated designer, they attract more attention and guarantee a more beautiful look for the setup.

Traditional chairs, such as office chairs, have a more common, simplistic, and unattractive look.

Although they are also designed for the user to use for hours, their technology is not as sophisticated as gaming chairs. Possesses fewer adjustments and ergonomics.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gaming chair?

The use of gaming chairs has some advantages for the user such as promoting comfort, and improving posture, they are ergonomic and configurable with various adjustments, in addition to the differentiated designer.

However, not everything is flowers and because they have all these configurations and high technology, their disadvantage is the price, which is sometimes more expensive than common chairs. They are also more difficult to assemble than conventional chairs, precisely because they have several adjustments and parts to fit.

Another possible disadvantage is that these chairs support users of up to certain weights and heights, and it is necessary to be aware of the measurements and specifications of each one.


Now that you know a little about gaming chairs, their advantages, and their use, it’s easy to see that having a gaming chair makes all the difference for those who like to play games or work and spend hours in front of the PC.

When it comes to ergonomics and comfort, the use of a gaming chair is indispensable.

And after reading a little about gaming chairs, I bet you felt like changing yours or buying one, right?