4 Cheap & Reliable Minecraft Hosting 2021: Where to Buy a Minecraft Server

Free hosting of the Minecraft server is possible if you wish to do so on your computer.

Still, this method will only be good for a few players, potentially suffering from sudden downtime, providing a bad gaming experience for you and your friends.

That’s why you need a reliable and high-performance Minecraft server hosting service.

Having your own Minecraft server allows you to play with your friends and family, create unique gaming experiences, and develop a strong online community of Minecraft builders.

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Apex Hosting

Best choice with fast and quality server hosting

  • Access to your experienced service administrators through 24/7 live chat support.
  • Allows you to change the server version files in a few clicks or ask your friendly team for help.
  • Provides low latency in Java or Bedrock through its servers around the world.
  • It allows you to create a website for your server such as Technic Launcher using your free subdomain.
  • Supports all types of Minecraft maps, mini-games, mods, and plugins.

Apex Minecraft hosting offers over 200 one-click installers for mods, such as PixelMon and Sky Factory. Minigames like Skywars are also available so that custom game modes are easy to set up.

Apex Hosting also supports multiple server versions including Vanilla Minecraft and Spigot. Feel free to change servers yourself down the line, or have the support team do it for you.

If you want to install your own .jar files, you will have full FTP access and a free MySQL database.

Apex Hosting data centers are located in North America, Europe, and Asia, ensuring low latency and high performance. As a result, they are able to guarantee 99.9% uptime for all users.

UPDATE: Apex launched a new EX Series packed with “Ryzen 3800X 3.9 GHz | (4.5 GHz Max Boost) 4 vCores | NVMe SSD | 15GB DDR4 RAM” For those who want extra resource there is a one extra option for you.


Good choice for Newbie with fast support

  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • Cloudflare DDoS Protection.
  • Includes support for the Multicraft server control panel.
  • Uses the latest Intel Xeon processors and latest generation Intel SSD hard drives for consistent performance.
  • Ability to change server location by submitting a ticket.
  • Free MySQL database to store Minecraft files.
  • PCI-DSS compliant, so you can accept payments or donations online.

Hostinger is one of the leading web-hosting providers, so it is not surprising that it also arguably offers one of the best Minecraft servers.

With top-of-the-range features at affordable prices, Hostinger offers the perfect packages for people who want to get the best out of the Minecraft hosting plan without an advanced server and knowledge of network configuration.


  • Activates your server instantly after subscription.
  • It guarantees 100% uptime as covered by your SLA, which means uninterrupted play.
  • Create a subdomain for your server to attract more people to join your game.
  • It is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help with your problems and problems.
  • Ensures DDoS protection according to your SLA.

Shockbyte has earned its reputation as one of Minecraft’s most trusted cheap hosting providers. Since 2013, the company has offered several plans with a range of RAM sizes per server to meet anyone’s budget.

If you need a reliable web host for your Minecraft server, ShockByte is a great choice. Specialized in hosting game servers, the company offers full DDoS protection and 100% network uptime promises.

GG servers

Best Budget Option

  • Create your own Minecraft launcher using a custom dashboard for complete control.
  • Install over a thousand unique modpacks with just one click.
  • Monitor the players on your server using the configured website and forum.
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of servers with unlimited slots from their powerful VPS servers.
  • Offers a 50% discount on the next server you buy after your first one.

ScalaCube allows users to create multiple servers using a single hosting plan. As such, it is perfect for running multiple server versions at the same time.

Plus, it supports Elastic Cord, which you can use to create a network of multiple servers.

This allows players to switch between servers during the game. However, Bungeecord only works with Spigot or PaperMC based servers.

If you want to run a modified Minecraft server, the Forge version is available, with over a thousand add-ons that you can install with just one click.

Creating the Forge Server on ScalaCube grants the ability to create a custom launcher. With it, you can design your own Minecraft skins and assign the files that will be downloaded automatically when a player connects to your server.

Should you purchase online hosting for your Minecraft Server?

You could create and operate a Minecraft server all on your own but you’ll face plenty of difficulties such as one even those who join your server may have to deal with latency and lagging due to the internet connectivity coming from your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Not to mention other apps running in your machine may affect your server’s hosting capabilities, players might be losing interest in logging into your server because most likely you won’t be able to keep your host machine active 24/7 for months or even years.

Poor mod pack quality and plug-in susceptibility even if your machine is running on the latest processors and operating systems and this is because it’s having a hard time supporting the multiple numbers of players on your server.

There is a whole list of other problems you will face as a Minecraft host and without external customer support which you can get from a Minecraft hosting provider, you’ll soon be looking for resolving your problem with the help of online forums or from less reliable sources. Which will just make you want to shut your machine for good.

Now the main reason you want to for online hosting is for support and 24/7 machine availability. That is where Hosting servers like Apex hosting comes in, has servers located around the world.

What is Minecraft hosting?

A Minecraft Hosting is dedicated server hardware, which allows you to play Minecraft. You can also host your virtual Minecraft server that helps you to play this game with whomever you want.

How to set up a Minecraft server?

Setting up the Minecraft server is a simple process with your service provider. You will choose your preferred Minecraft hosting plan and complete the purchase transaction. Your Minecraft server setup is done accordingly to the host you choose.

What is the best Minecraft server host?

Hostinger is one of the best Minecraft server host. It’s all cloud-based VPS subscription offers, ensuring stable and reliable performance. Not only that, but it also provides an instant setup option through the use of the Multicraft Control Panel.

Creating a modified server is also possible as Hostinger provides Modpacks and plugins ready to install right from the start.

For those who want Minecraft-oriented hosting the Apex Minecraft Hosting is the No. 1 choice.