Best UV Light for 3d Printing Reddit

Here are some of the top recommended UV liter on Reddit.

uvBeast New V3 385-395nm

Extremely bright and suitable for use in ambient light, the uvBeast LED black light is. The UV3 Beast boasts three SMD LEDs that are Li-ion-powered rather than alkaline like other models. The UV beam’s throw is where this change is the most obvious. The UV beam’s fluorescence has been successfully tested up to 135 feet!

uvBeast ‎UVBe-100

This model has CLASS 385nm and 395nm type UV in one light

 Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light

Despite being a basic flashlight, it works. It cures resin-printed 3D-printed parts. They become solid after only 30 seconds in this flashlight. Use this to cure resin on 3D prints if you need to fill in cracks or reattach broken pieces. Shining it causes the resin to fizzle and then harden.