10 Best Oil Filled Room Heater In India 2022 | Short Review

Everyone wishes to spend their time in a cozy room and the necessity of a room heater is increasing day by day as the winter has started with the Diwali festival. Since 2022 is different and every other person prefers to shop online as they are not ready to step out to check the options due to this pandemic.

Considering this factor, here we will discuss the best oil-filled room warmers which are energy-effective as well as compact in size. If you are looking to choose which one to purchase, we will tackle every query concerning an oil-occupied room radiator.

Beneath we’ve arranged the rundown of the best oil-filled room heater in India so you don’t need to battle finding the adept one for yourself.

If you are in hurry and want to know owr best oil filled heater choice then you can go with Havells OFR which is one of the best performing heter in the under 10 thousand range. For a ligh weight choice with good build quility Usha 3609FS PTC is better.

Best Oil filled room heater in India

1. Havells OFR – 11Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black)

Best under 10,000 range

  • Weight: 16.96 kg
  • Material: ABS
  •  Warranty: 2 Years

Havells heater functions as a PTC Ceramic heating detail which offers faster, more secure, and powerful green heating. Moreover, its oscillation feature allows for handing over multi-directional heating.

For protection reasons, it’s made in a manner that if the PTC fan heater falls/suggestions over by accident then it switches off robotically. Havells PTC fan heater comes with dirt clear out that forestalls dirt from coming into the product and maybe wiped clean from time to time.

It additionally guarantees to overheat safety because it switches off robotically if the heater is overheated. Its plastic frame stays cool throughout the functioning, to keep away from any mishaps. 

Features & details: 

  • Cord storage and rear protection cover over warmness safety and tilt over transfer for protection Thermostatic warmness control
  • Short heating with PTC fan and castor wheels for smooth mobility three energy settings 1000/1500/2500watts and an extra four hundred watts (Heater + Fan) Thermostatic warmness control. 
  • Power input: 230 V PTC heaters with fan

2. Havells OFR 9 Wave Fins with Fan Beige 2400 W

Very Portable

  • Weight: 12.52 kg
  • Material: ABS
  •  Warranty: 2 Years

Havells India Limited is a main quick-moving electrical products (FMEG) organization and a significant force dispersion hardware maker with a solid worldwide presence.

Havells appreciates fortunate market strength over a wide range of items, including modern and homegrown circuit assurance gadgets, links and wires, engines, fans, secluded switches, home apparatuses, forced air systems, electric water radiators, and power capacitors, luminaires for homegrown, business and mechanical applications. 

Features & details: 

  • Enormous surface wave blades for quicker warming 
  • HD320 grade oil for dependable and better proficiency 
  • Over warmth assurance with Tilt over switch for security 
  • Indoor regulator for heat control and Caster wheel for simple versatility 
  • Rope stockpiling and Back security cover 
  • 3 force settings – 800 W, 1200 W, and 2000 W and an extra 400 W (PTC warmer + fan) 
  • Guarantee: 2 Years 
  • Force: 2500 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts 
  • Incorporates: 1 N Main Unit, 1 N Pair Wheel Set, 1 N Pair U Ring With Nut, And 1 N Instruction Manual

3. Bajaj Majesty RH 9F plus 9-Fin 2400 Watts Oil Filled Room Heater with PTC Fan Heater

  • Weight: 16.96 kg
  • Heating Method: Convection
  •  Warranty: 1 Years

Eight Glorious many years! Bajaj Electricals is probably the most established organization that has been dedicated to pursuing advancements that disentangle human existence. Slick and clean activity since there isn’t any requirement for refrigerant or oxygen.

Quiet activity. Castor wheel for simple versatility. Quadra wellbeing affirmation, indoor regulator, manual warm cut-out, auto warm cut-out. Security tilts change to shield against the ill-advised establishment. 

Features & details: 

  • Global plan and styling 
  • 3 warmth settings, Coating Type: Powder 
  • Tilt insurance 
  • Guarantee: 2 years on item 
  • Force: 2400 watts 
  • Incorporates: Oil warmer, Pair of wheels, U clasps, and Warranty card

4. Usha 3609FS PTC 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator (White)

Best light Weight Oil filled Heater  

  • Weight: 6.56 kg
  • Heating Method: Convection
  •  Warranty: 1 Years

Usha’s Oil Filled Room heaters are made to furnish with the most elevated warming effectiveness and the most agreeable experience. Utilizing PTC warming innovation and exceptional wave style blades, these radiators give security, quicker and longer enduring warming, and force sparing, in this manner making them probably the best item in their group. They have additionally outfitted with fans for moment warming of the room. 

Features & details: 

  • 3 warming positions: 2000W,1200W,800 W 
  • Overheat Protection: Yes, ISI certified: Yes, Wave style balances for better warming effectiveness 
  • PTC warming component with 400w fan for quicker warming 
  • Flexible indoor regulator, powder-covered balances for rust insurance 
  • Line winder for simple stockpiling 
  • Break handle and castor wheels for conveying ability; in-form tip-over switch 
  • Guarantee: 1-year guarantee on the item 
  • Force: 2000 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts 
  • Incorporates: Oil Filed Radiator, Wheel Set, and Manual

5. ORIENT Electric Comfort Collection 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater with Fan (Black, Champagne Gold, 2900W)

  • Weight: 13.96 kg
  • Heating Method: Convection
  •  Warranty: 2 Years

An oil-filled radiator is a typical type of convection warmer utilized in homegrown warming. Power is directed into a resistor inside the warmer, which transforms the energy into heat. That warmth is consumed by the diathermic oil that is encased in the radiator. As the oil in the warmer heats up, it starts to course through the blades and sections. 

As the oil moves, it moves heat into the metal of the warmer’s balances, making an even surface temperature. As the metal blades heat up, they start to transmit heat into the room. This warmth is circled all through the room by common convection noticeable all around. 

Features & details: 

  • Advanced S shape configuration balances 
  • Better heat scattering 
  • Faster Heating with Additional 400W PTC radiator with fan 
  • Adjustable indoor regulator for temperature setting 
  • Adjustable temperature handle 
  • S shape radiator balances with 400 watts PTC radiator 
  • Power: 2900 watts; working voltage: 240 volts 
  • It Includes: 1 Oil Filled Room Heater with Fan

6. Morphy Richards OFR 9 9-Fin 2400 Watts Oil Filled Room Heater (Ivory)

  • Weight: 16.96 kg
  • Heating Method: Convection
  •  Warranty: 2 Years

Keep each side of the room uniformly warm throughout the colder time of year season with Morphy Richards OFR 9 9-Fin room warmer.

It accompanies the highlights like 9 radiator blades, movable indoor regulator, tip-over switch, P.T.C. Fan warmer, castor haggles winder to make your home house warm and agreeable. The Morphy Richards OFR 9 9-Fin oil-filled room heater has 9 radiator balances that offer moment warmth and incredible unwavering quality. 

It is furnished with a customizable indoor regulator that detects the temperature and maintains it at the ideal set point. The tip-over switch forestalls electrical stun or fire. At the point when the warmer inclines over a predetermined point, this switch works killing the radiator, permitting you to get significantly more agreeable and protected with your room radiator.

It has a PTC fan radiator that gives quicker warming and the castors wheels are utilized for simple versatility. The line winder encourages you to simply link the executives.

Features & details: 

  • Full Room Warmth: 2400 Watts 9 Fin Oil Filled Radiator for Noiseless Full Room Comfort During Winters 
  • Customized Comfort: Customized to your warming requirements with a flexible indoor regulator to keep up wanted room temperature 
  • True serenity: Featuring wellbeing tilt and an auto warm shutoff to forestall overheating. 
  • Effective: OFR 9F accompanies a 400 Watt PTC fan radiator for better warming effectiveness 
  • Portability: Equipped without breaking a sweat with access 
  • Solid and Safe: Our room radiators are trustworthy and they additionally accompany a 2-year guarantee.

7. Singer OFR 11 FINS 2900 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

  • Weight: 16.96 kg
  • Material: ABS
  •  Warranty: 2 Years

This amazing room heater comes with Powder Coated Fins For Rust Prevention, Oil Grade ED/HD 300 World Class for better execution, Long Lasting Nylon Castor Wheels for Easy Maneuvering, Metallic Back Fin Cover For Protection, an In-Built Tip-over switch, and Over Heating Protection for safety, Adjustable Thermostat, Cord winder, Two Meters Long Copper Power Cord, ISI Mark, long term Warranty.

Features & details: 

  • 11 Fins Oil Filled Radiator 
  • 3 Power Settings, 2900 Watts, Thermal Safety 
  • PTC Fan for Faster Heating 
  • Indoor regulator Control, Overheat Protection 
  • Castors for Easy Mobility, Cord Storage 
  • 1700, 2300, and 2900 watt power engine. 
  • Chips away at a 220-240 Power voltage. 
  • Over-heat security. 
  • Rollers for simple development
Which brand heater is best?

Havells hold the top spot when it comes to best heater brand. Other playesr like Bajaj, Usha and ORIENT Electric are also comes with good features.

Is oil filled room heater is good for health?

Oil-filled heaters are a good option for patients with respiratory disorders. But they’re about 10 times more expensive than the most basic rod heater.

Is OFR heater good?

OFR heat concidest as a good and effective heater. You can use it in a 10×10 bed room nicely. No noise and simple to use.


With this article’s best oil-filled room heater in India 2022, we have drilled down lead handpicked models of room warmers to assist you with choosing which one is most appropriate for you.

Most likely we have various scopes of room radiators accessible in the market which utilize an alternate instrument to warm your room. Of these, the best-protected method of warming is oil-filled radiators that don’t drain the oxygen level in your room. 

Hope this article was helpful and we have tried to cover enough points to guide you properly, let us know in case we have missed anything.