Top 6 Best Gaming Headsets to Buy in 2022: Detailed Guide

Playing games is a hobby of many people. Even more, than in recent years, the games have been totally improved.

Now the game is much closer to reality and with amazing effects, very different from when I was a kid who just wanted to play all day.

In addition, different types of games were created, mainly on the online platform.

What made online games a kind of profession and competition for many gamers. 

In recent years, gaming headsets (which your mother knows as a telephone operator headset) have also been enhanced to provide a much more refined gameplay and quality audio for the gamer.

When it comes to games, a good headset can transport you into the game – even without virtual reality.

After all, it’s really boring playing and not being able to interact in the game because the headset isn’t working, isn’t it? A part of the experience is missing.

Of course, you’ll need a good computer or laptop to run your game. It will also work with an Xbox type console (my favourite), PlayStation or portables like the Switch or 3DS.

But how do you know which is the best gamer headset for your match and which has a high quality standard.

At the end of the article you can check the main points that must be observed in a gaming headset before purchase.

Now you will know a little about each model, after all each item has its own differentials.

Best Gaming Headsets to Buy in 2022

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger


Sub Title

  • Connection: Wired, P2
  • Weight: 275g
  • Cable Length: 1.3 meters
  • Headset Type: Circumaural Closed
  • Driver: 50mm

The Cloud Stinger is undoubtedly a headset that deserves your attention, despite being one of HyperX’s most basic wired models, it offers powerful sound with an attractive design that is comfortable to wear.

Its modest construction practically all plastic is already a good indication that this is a cheaper model, only the headband has a reinforced metal base. Despite being all plastic the Cloud Stinger is light, comfortable, and durable with simple easy-to-adjust features providing a few hours of gameplay without tiring.

The lack of some features and controls found in other gaming headsets can be a problem for more experienced gamers.

Comfort is certainly the key of the Cloud Stinger, its synthetic leather cushions are lined with high-density foam, combined with its size that fits comfortably in the vast majority of ears, these can be rotated allowing you to put them on your neck for a short time. rest.

Its sound cannot be compared to a more expensive headset, but it will certainly surprise you with its price.

It’s 50mm speakers produce clean sound with good bass responses, you feel things exploding around you.

2. Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2


Sub Title

  • Connection: Wired, P2 or USB
  • Weight: 412g
  • Cable Length: 3 meters
  • Headset Type: Closed, on-ear
  • Driver: 40mm

The Razer Tiamat is an analog PC headset with 7.1 surround, used by professional gamers that provide high precision sound, is armed with four drivers and a subwoofer, which will let you immerse yourself in your favorite game.

That’s right, Razer engineers have managed to put all these features into the Tiamat 7.1 V2 and you’ll have at your disposal five drivers with neodymium magnets on each side of the phone, with a 40mm subwoofer, two drivers for front and center sound effects. 30mm and 20mm for sound effects coming from the side and rear, both have been strategically placed so that you have the same sensations of being in a room with a 7.1 Home Theater.

The vast majority of high-quality gaming headphones have their controls added to the pads, but with the Tiamat that changes, it doesn’t have any controls on its pads.

On Tiamat, you have an audio control unit that sits between the headset and the analog audio connections.

It has a large center button for volume control and when pressed it mutes the earpiece, a small channel button, and three buttons, one for a microphone, one to change the audio pass-through from the headset to an external sound system, and the other to activate 7.1 surround or stereo.

The Razer Tiamat 7.1 is very comfortable, works well and its sound is accurate with lots of bass, as well as being very resistant and durable.

Although the perchase is high for a wired headset, it is undoubtedly one of the equipment that deserves more attention in this market.

3. HyperX Cloud Revolver S

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

  • Conexão: Com fio, P2
  • Peso: 376g
  • Comprimento do Cabo: 2 metro
  • Tipo de Headset: Fechado circumaural
  • Driver: 50mm

First is HyperX Cloud Revolver S . This phone goes beyond the conventional, with different features for those who enjoy playing online.

For starters, its audio is Dolby Surround with 7.1 Plug And Play, ensuring high sound quality and an immersive experience, as it has the latest 50mm, directional drivers, completing the package.

Also regarding the audio quality, the product has a bass boost, flat and vocal equalizer, which allows you to tune your game settings.

The design, in addition to being beautiful, is durable and comfortable. With the brand’s exclusive smart foam, made of steel and with a wide headband, which distributes pressure evenly.

In addition, it has a detachable microphone with an advanced noise cancellation system.

4. Logitech G433


Sub Title

  • Connection: Wired, P2 or USB
  • Weight: 259g
  • Cable Length: 2 meters
  • Headset Type: Closed
  • Driver: 40mm

The Logitech G433 has everything you could need for a great gaming experience.

The template design is modern and even lets you choose your favorite color: black, red or blue.

When you purchase it, the kit comes with additional ear pads, a carrying case, and all cables.

5. PlayStation Gold Wireless


Sub Title

  • Connection: Wired and wireless, P2 or USB adapter
  • Weight: 230g
  • Cable Length: 2 meters
  • Headset Type: Closed
  • Driver: 50mm

A minimalist headset and comfortable design, the Sony Playstation Gold hits the market as one of the best – and most affordable – gamer headphones with 7.1 surround via software, being compatible with the brand’s best-known consoles: the PS3, PS4 o PS Vita.

The simplicity of the device is present at all levels, being extremely simplistic in its appearance and also in its use, just plug it into the console using the USB cable and start your games.

This model arrives on the market in order to replace its older version (the Playstation Wireless Stereo), bringing some very significant improvements in its overall performance.

Available in blue and black, the Playstation Gold is a “hard to fall” device.

Its cushions are able to cover the ears well, are very soft and can be adjusted for greater comfort, not hurting even after long hours of use.

Like its previous version, the device has some buttons on its left side such as controlling the volume, turning the device on and off, a mute button, a button to switch between the selected audio profile and another to balance the sounds of the game with the chats, avoiding possible distractions.

It is an intermediate model, but because of its price, it meets the demand well, providing good immersion in movies and games using its 7.1 surround .

Unfortunately the application that manages the Playstation Gold settings is very limited, not allowing many advanced settings, but for the most basic settings it manages to deliver what it promises.

6. Xbox One Stereo


Sub Title

  • Connection: Wired
  • Weight: 255g
  • Cable Length: 2 meters
  • Headset Type: Closed
  • Driver: 50mm

Headset with the same colors as the Xbox One console, the Xbox One Headphone has a piano black and matte black finish, with a build quality that, even if not one of the best, ends up “paying for the money”. As it is not a wireless model, it has a wire that has that flat design, which makes the wire not twist and tangle at all, but it ends up giving it a more fragile appearance.

Accompanying the phone, we found an adapter to connect to the control, which has a P2 input, which, despite fitting right and fulfilling what it promises, is a “more nuisance”, because the P2 pin ends up screwing in everything.

The Xbox One Stereo has few adjustments, making it only possible to increase or decrease the strap that goes over your head and move the built-in microphone to the sides.

Despite all that, it is still a “reasonable option” that will meet the demand of less demanding users , however, its main negative point is the audio quality.

How To Choose A Gamer Headset?

Gambling is a very cool activity and even a profession for many users, however, without proper care, the ear and body can be greatly affected.

It is important to pay attention to a good headset model, not only for its beautiful design but also for its fit on the head, material and even functionality.

All of this can directly impact your health, especially your hearing. During many hours of gameplay, it can be damaged if you don’t use the headset correctly.

Below, check out the main features to consider when choosing the best gaming headset.

Sound function at start

The quality of sounds emitted by headsets during an online matches can vary widely from product to product.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the type of sound emitted by the headset you are interested in to avoid discontent.

Some models manage to emit the sound in a more natural way, with a deep immersion in the game , very close to reality.

Other models have a lower sound level to avoid hearing damage and for that reason don’t offer such deep immersion.


If you heard this word and were in doubt, this is the time to clarify.

Immersion is the quality generated by the headset, which makes the sound close to the reality presented.

There are some specific aspects that can help make this immersion very real, such as headband technology and bass sounds . This directly impacts a quality immersion.

There’s nothing better than playing an online game with a contagious immersion. Therefore, check which models have the possibility of immersion.


There are two types of connectors that are most common in the headset market: USB and P2.

  • USB : This connector is the most common for online games on the computer, it is fully accessible on the PC and is one of the best sellers on the market.
  • P2: the P2 (3.5 mm) is widely used in video games, TVs and monitors. It all depends on where you intend to connect the headset.

Both models of connectors are very common and used in the market. There are models that have both forms of input, which makes the use of the head much more flexible.


Make sure the headset you are interested in has a microphone, after all, nobody deserves to be in the middle of a match and not be able to communicate with other players, right?

The quality of the microphone is another very important point when choosing, so check the quality corresponds to their expectations and needs.

A perfect example to understand microphone quality is when you watch a video on Youtube and the audio is horrible. The same thing can happen to you if you don’t check the quality of the accessory.

Wired or wireless?

Another important aspect to take into consideration when buying is whether the headset is wired or not.

Some matches require quick and frequent moves , which can cause problems with the head.

There is a risk of the user getting tangled up in the cord and even causing some kind of accident or breakage of the device.

For this reason, it is important to note whether most of your matches require sudden moves or not.

If required, opt for a wireless headset . Due to the Wi-Fi Dual Band and Bluetooth technologies , it is possible to purchase wireless headphones for long-term matches.

Another peculiarity of wireless headphones is that there are models that run on battery . In most models, the battery is lithium, that is, it has a long lifetime. In turn, the other headphones are battery operated .

For players who don’t move often, wired heads are perfect as they don’t require battery charging, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. It all depends on your preference.


There are several sizes of headset. Some are larger and others have a minimalist design.

Both sizes and formats meet the user’s needs very well. So check which one fits your reality best.


There are two main headset models: open and closed.

  • Open : the open accessory is perfect for those who prefer greater autonomy and a cool head , however, this model allows the entry of ambient sounds that can directly impact the game.
  • Closed: for those who do not want external sounds to bother, the best option is the closed model, however, too long of use can cause some discomfort in the head and ear.


Another important aspect is the comfort that the headset will provide to the user.

Pay attention to the headphones’ casing , as this is generally where most gamers experience pain or discomfort after hours of gameplay.

Most models pride themselves on comfort, having ear cushions and are covered with comfortable materials such as foam and covered with synthetic leather.

Some models have a double foam lining, which makes the product even more resistant and comfortable.

Common Questions

What’s The Best Gamer Headset?

Choosing the best gaming headset depends on several factors, including the comparison between the main models, the brand and the users’ evaluation.

Each of the phone models mentioned above received a great review from users, in addition to having an incredible quality and durability.

All this makes a total difference when choosing the best gaming headset.

What Is The Best Gamer Headset Brand?

The best gamer headset brand, without a doubt, is HyperX .

In addition to being recognized for the quality of its headsets, it also stands out for offering immersion , perfect adjustments and total comfort for the user.

HyperX manufactures many different models of gaming headsets, with numerous designs and shapes. All this to meet the wishes and needs of each user.

In addition, it is one of the top-selling headset brands on the market, and has thousands of positive consumer reviews. What contributes for the brand to be in first place in this ranking.

The models cover the preferences of professionals who seek modern and technological resources, and amateurs who value cost-effectiveness.

This means that the brand is always ahead of its competitors.

I find it very unlikely that you will have a bad experience with one of HyperX’s headsets. However, be careful not to buy fake ones. Then it has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.


There are many brands and price ranges on the market. Each model cooler than the other. That added to all the technical audio quality they offer can drive you crazy.

This guide I wrote is to neutralize some of that. Make you more familiar with some terms and what you should look for in a quality headset.

And it is possible to find quality even in products with a price below the average, ok? Just look for or, who knows, take advantage of a promotion like that you have every year.

The fact is that the best heads have more technology. And technology costs more to research and develop. So the more affordable heads have certain limitations, but they’re not bad for that.

However, if you can invest more in your headset, it is well worth researching these technologies that differentiate each model. Ideally, the product offers more sound quality, connectivity and comfort.

If you can’t afford all these perks, choose the one most relevant to you and choose your headset based on that.

This way you will be able to enjoy your purchase much more. Your game hours will be completely different.

I say this from experience. I chose very well when I went to buy my first headset. I researched the bass, the frequencies, the material of every part of the phone.

I read reviews on the internet about him, his microphone, his durability. I researched the cable and the audio outputs. Everything I needed to not regret the purchase later.

Putting together all the qualities I wanted in one product made it a little expensive, I admit. But it was very worth it. Today it is not even sold anymore and I still use it with quality.

As I have had it for a long time, I intend to buy a new one soon.

That’s because the foam liner that touches the ear is no longer very nice. But the electronics is perfect.

It also counts that you be careful with your equipment. Do not drop or become a mess in the hands of those little cousins ​​who show up to visit by surprise. Mine is kept in the drawer next to the PC.

I plan to take care of my next gamer headset and hope you do the same. Trust me, your investment will be worth it. Especially if you play professionally and for hours at a time.

Evaluate all the points I made about choosing a gamer headset: the sound function in the game, immersion, connector, microphone, wired or wireless, size, design, comfort. I doubt you’ll get annoyed watching all this.

I hope you can find your perfect gaming headset to make your gaming hours even more fun and fun. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Affiliate Disclosure:

If you make a purchase through the links on this page, I may receive a small commission. I wrote this review based on my honest experience and my vision of the company. I only write reviews about services and products that I personally use, like and believe in. I usually try to see good things rather than wasting my time thinking about the drawbacks. I strongly believe that if you take action and dedicate some time and effort, you will get your money worth and change your life for the better. Although I always list “cons” and strive to be as objective as possible, I also think that focusing too much on negative aspects can lead to procrastination and having a negative experience.  Learn More.