Advantages of Gaming Chair: Why Should You Get a Gaming Chair?

Every pro player knows the importance of having maximum performance in matches. And it’s no use being totally focused on leveling up or doing good game play if that back pain is bothering you after a few hours of sitting in front of the computer, right? 

For this reason – and for other reasons – it is a great advantage to have a gaming chair to dedicate yourself to gameplays without anything getting in your way!

Investing in comfort should be one of your priorities, after all, it’s no use having a super powerful machine if you can’t spend hours playing with it because your whole body hurts.

 If you spend long periods in games, you need to know the advantages of the gaming chair and consider investing in one. Want to know what they are? Then continue reading the text. 

Advantages of Gaming Chair

What are gaming chairs?

Gamer chairs are specially designed to provide comfort for those who spend a lot of time sitting. 

These models have a high backrest, perfect for supporting your back and shoulders. In addition, they are fully customizable, with several adjustment options: it is possible to move the arms, the lumbar support and the height of the headrest.

This type of chair was invented in 2006 by the company DXRacer, which originally produced seats for sports cars. Therefore, their design is very reminiscent of this car model. 

Gaming chairs gained a lot of popularity in 2011, mainly with the influence of channels such as Twich , and other game streaming . 

In addition, the diffusion of eSports helped the public to realize the advantages of this type of seat, since all the main pro players in the world had one. 

Gaming chairs: What’s so special about them?

Are gaming chairs really special and essential for an office? The truth is that these accessories are a line aimed at a specific audience and will not please or be interesting for all consumers. But there are advantages in the models that can be very well used.

Think of aphotographic cameraprofessional. While some people are more than happy taking photos and selfies with their phone’s camera, others might look to the versatility and beefier settings of a Canon or aGoPro.

Gaming Chair vs Office chair

Gaming and office chairs are very similar. However, there are some characteristics that differentiate these two models: functionality and design are the main points that make one product stand out from the other.

Office chairs are usually used within corporate environments, as they are cheaper and less flashy. Gamers, as the name implies, are produced for game players, who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. 

However, gamer models began to stop being used only by this audience and, especially in the covid-19 pandemic, they became great allies of the home office . 

The gamer option is the best model of chair to sit for hours, even if it’s for work.

To offer comfort and support for those who spend hours sitting playing (or working), the design needs to be ergonomic, with supports for arms, legs, head, lumbar and other regions that are champions in pain. 

Generally, the gaming chair is produced in leather or PVC, high quality materials and more resistant to signs of use. All the advantages justify the slightly higher price they have when compared to office chairs.

In which situations can a gaming chair be a good investment?

In short, gaming chairs, more than being advantageous for gamers, are great investments for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer. And this is already a very large group of consumers.

This is because, in addition to the flashy look, the construction of these chairs is made to support the user in an upright and correct posture, without straining the back muscles. With ergonomics prepared for this, the shape of the chair makes your spine healthy and you can remain seated in a correct position for longer.

And when is it not advantageous?

If you don’t usually spend so much time in front of the computer, the gaming chair is not an acquisition that presents a good cost-benefit for you. You will definitely get better and cheaper options on other office chair models.

If you can also maintain good posture regardless of the chair you use, you won’t see many advantages in gamer models either. That’s because maintaining a correct posture is also a matter of practice and training.

Real advantages of a gaming chair

We have some of the advantages that can really positives.

Robust Chairs

The chairs’ flashy design might be considered a downside by some buyers, but behind the bold colors and large size is the presence of a chair of firm, sturdy construction.

The high back (much higher than standard office chairs) has a reason to exist: it helps the user to support the entire surface of the back to stay upright, making the muscles that surround the spine not exert unnecessary strain. 

The gaming chairs also have a slightly wavy back, which is intended to fit better in the spine, unlike the completely straight back of the most common chairs.

Another point worth mentioning is the density of the foam that covers these chairs. It is true that softer foams are more comfortable and the foam of gamer models is usually much firmer. But oddly enough, this also has an ergonomic purpose. A higher density can keep the backrest in the correct shape for longer, while a density that is too soft will cause your spine to settle incorrectly over time.


As they are made to hold the computer user in a correct posture for longer, these chairs are also very comfortable, built in a shape that truly conforms to the body. But this can also make many people strange the first time they sit in a gaming chair, precisely because we are used to the extremely straight design of office chairs.

The arms of gaming chairs are also generally placed in better positions in relation to the body to help keep the hand, wrist and arm straight while using the keyboard and mouse.


This point will depend on each gaming chair model but, in general, these products are extremely adjustable. In addition to adjusting the height, many of these chairs also allow you to adjust the height of the armrests and even the angle at which they are horizontal to the body.

Seat tilt is also an adjustment that is usually present on most models. And even some lines that have support for the neck and lumbar also allow you to adjust the height of these items, so that everything is more comfortable and to your liking.

Disadvantages of a gaming chair

Nothing is perfect, not even gaming chairs. There are some features that can be negative and it is important that you consider them all before making your purchase.

Design may be over the top for some

There are some gaming chair models with a more sober look, but they are harder to find. Therefore, if the design of these chairs clashes with what you consider pleasant, or does not match the environment, it is worth rethinking the purchase.

Not for all sizes and weights

Each person has a different body and it is not always easy to find a chair that fits ours. In general, gaming chairs are not very advantageous for very small or very large people, either in height or weight.

The ideal is always to check the technical specifications of the models, which often have the maximum weight and height that the chair can support and still function correctly.

Models that are just marketing

Nobody here is naive: it is easy to understand that the term gamer is growing in the market and that not every gaming chair is a gaming chair .

Our suggestion when you buy your chair is to pay more attention to the technical details and specifications than the model name. It is important to check foam density, adjustments and, above all, opinions from other consumers.

Should I buy a Gaming chair?

There are more reasons to buy one ten there are not to. The chairs’ flashy design might be considered a downside by some buyers, but behind the bold colors and large size is the presence of a chair of firm, sturdy construction.

Why do gaming chairs have pillows?

Yes, almost all gaming chairs feature an external neck pillow that supports your neck, especially in the reclined position.